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Covid 19 UPDATE

Thursday, July 16, 2020 by Chris Higgins | Uncategorized

So, I obviously don't need to tell everyone that there has been an epidemic going on!! Obviously we went to video lessons in March to combat this issue and to retain the lessons.  We are really grateful for those that have tried the video lessons, it has meant a lot to us that you are willing to work with us during this difficult time. unfortunately we have had quite a few lessons drop off and stop during this time, which is upsetting but we sincerely hope that they will return once we are able to open again.

Opening: We were planning to open for studio lessons again in September, however we can't commit to that at the moment and we are monitoring the numbers of infections after the easing of the lockdown.  If we can see that the numbers are reducing, we will continue with our plan to open in September.  If these numbers aren't still or dropping, we will be unable to open for studio lesson, however rest assured we are wanting to start studio lessons asap.

Video Lesson: we have had request that we continue with video lessons after we re-open the studio.  I am pleased to let those students know that we will be continuing with this lesson type.  Lesson times will be set weekly as usual and the lessons will continue to be delivered by Skype.

Help: we are asking for as much help as possible during this very difficult time, we are in need of some extra lessons to continue to operate and we are asking every student to think if they know anybody that may want to try lessons.  For every student that you bring in to the school and they book a full months lessons, you will receive a gift from us at CHM as a thank you.  Please help spread the word about your lessons at CHM and help us to gain more lessons during this time if possible.

Keep practicing and enjoying your music.